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tigued ; of having considerable pain in his limbs ; that it hurt
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vascular surgery is performed on a regular basis. Such
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himself during the paroxysm, which in a few minutes or seconds
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The diet is of the highest importance, most fleshy patients improving
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fully 1^ in. there was a n)ass of glands and fibrous tissue in the middle
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itis or pleurisy. — John G. Clarke, in Univ. of Penn. Med.
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"warty" (endocarditis verrucosa) and "vegetative" being applied to this
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malarial fever. I gained the following history, and
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parative stranger to Dr. Cline, he had been struck with the ability and assi-
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basally banded white; (2) proboscis unhanded; (3) thorax dark
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is somewhat difficult to secure unbiassed testimony in re-
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and for criminal trials — harbingers perhaps of mental disorder, as in some
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Dr. Dawson read " Notes on a Year's Asylum Work " (see
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tice of medicine was something even less than empirical, and
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systematic efforts to reduce the intussusception with
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changes in the hepatic circulation that arises soon
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ments with this agent on myself, with the object of ob-
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sistent, progressive anaemia. A distinctive feature is the occurrence, uni-
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those who are gouty and thin are in a different category. One
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The prognosis is not grave, and yet its indefinite duration, its serious
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ical authority. Taenia is the name of a genus of tape-
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hand or an irregular, honeycombed surface on the other. Lymph in the form
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upon the patient. They consist of occasional pains, usually in the leg:s, of
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ations were performed, at the first, forty feet be-
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