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heart failure seemed to threaten her life at any moment. The
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against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario because
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considered at length the symptom and progress of this
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cervical canal, one that is attached to the cervix by a constricted
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McLaughlin : " That this Council hereby places on record its
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hasty development. If developed slowly and in 3-strength solutions,
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ing, or may reduce her to permanent sterility, after the birth of a
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Atonia cordis, or a deficiency in the physiological function of cardiac
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Dr. Pantaleoni, of Nice, gave an interesting account of the
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appetite, soreness of tongue, of the inner cheek ; redness and
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Spencer, \V. C, Major and Surgeon. Ordered to Fort Trum-
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An intestinal concretion, cuboid in form, the vertical and transverse
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hired breast is resorted to^ increases infant mortality.
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period of isolation after an attack of diphtheria should last
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Interior, whose signature is in turn certified to by the Resident Minister