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because it simply indicates a feeble converting power of

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irritation; this is called Granular Conjunctivitis, Trauchoma or

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the Be Conceptu et Generatione Hominis, by Rueffs, which in 1637

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" For the particulars of the following case theless have great interest in connection

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they have had children, when it may begin to appear. In this

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and spasm of the muscles of deglutition induces difficult

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pointing downwards. The softness of the corn between the toes is owing to

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the aortic area, a weak or absent first tone in the same place,

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different systems, may render convalescence slow and

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clusions can be arrived at as to the nature of the dis-

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localities, a high rate of taxation on dogs, and, when cases

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1. Per Centum Solutions and Mixtures.— ^vlti^ly 480 (the

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the wound, if painful or sensitive, a four per cent,

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need neither be elaborate nor expensive in construction.

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the laryngeal muscles. Aphonia is tlie loss of vijiae, aud aphasia, is tlie loss

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tion little is known. Persons between fifteen and thirty

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South America, which has a great resemblance to our own

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The Bibliography of recurrent insanity is very voluminous. Cf. Index Catalogue of

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creased vascularity of part; (3) adhesion of dura mater to

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was in the dissecting room. He put a piece of wood, supposed

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kidneys ; etc. The affected glands may sometimes attain a

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It may, however, be urged, why not select as an alternative for litho-

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a deep color. The skin over them is either tense or loose, so that it

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disease" will be discarded; I incline to the belief that when such

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the epileptic attacks must have been due to retlex irritation

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customary. The corresponding values are given in the table below,

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an inch, and united the serous surfaces by means of about twenty

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each to be of three members, and to serve for three months.

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on at times attacks of chyluria in those who are affected with

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by Dr. Charles L. Scuduer, with remarks by himself on