vanism, stabile currents being used — the positive pole at the praecordia,

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British East Africa, etc. It also may be concerned in the

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become extinct ; the limbs became remarkably rigid. With

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normal individuals in whom superficial sclerosis, par-

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tain cases was indicated, a folded rubber dam drain was

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Uther and thither, the forehead and eyebrows twitch, the eyes open

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once had the disease. The exclusion of rubeola and scarlatina by the absence

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At 18-1 VVashington St. corner of Franklin St., to whom all communications must be addressed,

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ticulty. We do not believe, that in the list of contribu-

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Syphilis of the bones, like tuberculosis, has certain

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dition of delayed shock as often referred to by many surgeons is not

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Geobob MrvABT, P.R.S., V.P.Z.S., Lecturer on Zoology and Com-

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if all treatment were futile, or at the best palliative. Mr. Hutchinson,

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adopted, the patient would probably have been blinded for life in both eyes.

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The first thing they do is to make a thorough canvass of all the

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tX history of the disease. In other words, the disease may either end

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the effects of remedies upon it. Thus, some remedies are found

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many advantages over the frequenters of Pau in former times.

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chambers, and to distinguish it from the more common

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must be severe enough to produce a rupture or lacer-

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deformity. The contractions cannot be entirely hindered, but may be

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Mrs. H., aged 66, who fell ill on June 12, 1919, and developed a rash

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insulin-induced hypoglycemia, propranolol may cause a delay in the recovery of blood glucose to

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all cases. In two instances he was forced to give it up

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Mr. Durham then drew attention to various Medical theories

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schools adopting the plan of coeducation, and among

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poi'erty and one growing rapidly under good hygienic conditions 1

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years of their occurrence, not one organic change may be

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developed. Excessive smoking causes cadets to turn out of bed lieavj'

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account of the position of the instrument, a neglect of a visual inspec-

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and Monday, February 28, 1977. Participants in the review

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was founil tiiat the toxic action was delayed and di