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3. The Insertion of Dilating Bags within the Internal Os. —

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pyogenic infection in its early stage and to cooperate with the

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mortality in industrial centers such as Fall Eiver, Lowell, and Lawrence,

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The present edition has been carefully revised ; much new matter has been added, and the entire

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the genius of Pasteur, fermentation has been shown to be

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Case II. — Phthisis. Age, sixty years ; weight, ten stone ;

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The meeting of the Medical Council will, we conjecture,

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Also: M6m. et bull Soc. de med. et chir. de Bordeaux

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lated from cases of infantile diarrhea by Duval and Bassett)

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Addison, is not the only manifestation of the disease of

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Eraehead, by the Bridge of Don, beyond Old Aberdeen, where he

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of influenza. The occasional occurrence of cases of influenza marked by

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aorta and in the aortic valves leading at length to aortic regurgitation.

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" As regards the composition of the albuminoids, you will remark that they are all