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resect ribs, drain and have patience, they will usually get well.
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dency to nervous disease. She had been in practically
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Greaves, of Derby, consulted me on a case which was tried at the
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The full report of the autopsy, which we give below,
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the only possible cause discoverable was the presence of Eberth's or Jaff ky's
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cumstances. This conclusion emphasizes the importance of the
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modes in Avhich the pernicious attacks come on, the remedies are two
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netkomdbaek. Head to be shaved and cold cloths applied. K Sf\ jiEtlieris Sulphurici 5 SS -
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rubl)ing the back with spirit, and all the varying attention implied in the
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of each 2 ounces ; rectified spirit, 4 ouncrs ; mix. As
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What with the central position of the place of meeting, the excel-
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involving the glands. The ducts of the glands are not
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matters are rejected. In such cases, therefore, when the stomach
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through which the medical man must view the pathological
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creased by forced breathing, so that the disease has not infrequently been
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household the younger would as a general rule be tho sufferers, the elder
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To make a long story short, we could probably have $1,000 left, for
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the megaloblasts and normoblasts of pernicious anemia.
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order become rapidly developed into those of acute glanders.
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Nancy, 1884, xvi, 686-692.— Cersler ( A. G.l Exsection of
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you have much of it, you cannot make matters worse by propa-
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of the anterior fontanelle. Normally this should measure about f t" 1
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other persons in this city, or whether any cases have occurred in the
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appeared. The inoculated sheep should be segregated, and the sheep
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in Leipsic, 1816-1895. — Ganglion of (right auricle of heart).
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taken freely and the bowels have moved spontaneously.
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"At 10 p. m. on July 9tli I was called to see E. C, an ansemic and
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ratively speaking, it may be deemed unfrequent when con-
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has been leas frequently resorted to than the above-mentioned oper-
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Reported recovered Aug. 30 ; M.O., f., aged 2 years,