material and oil drops are also encountered. (Plate VIII, Fig. 2.)
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mext meeting, is a question admitting of some debate, because of its
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velles methodes ])our guerir I'ect ro]iion consecutif aux
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virulent streptococcus taken from a diphtheritic meml)rane; the
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This asepsis explains to a certain degree the immunity of nasal operations.
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were the characteristic pains, etc., in four cases, and in two of these
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that of the middle occipital, 95^° ; right frontal, 95° ;
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stances, has frequently proved a cause of asphyxia. They are to
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most frequently they are outside of the hospital-building in
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Synonyms. — Lepra; Elephantiasis Grsecorum, Hebrseorum; Leon-
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Par., 1899, xxxiv, 301-306.— Bclin (J.) Note sur un cas
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those made so artificially. I have tried various shades, various thick-
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The first local symptoms observable are a redness of the vaginal
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use of white phosphorus. Another effect of phosphorus is a fragility
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and only rarely in the internal organs. That this absence of bacilli
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larly towards the lower end, was of a dark slate-green colour. There was no ulcera-
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color and form and to coordinate. The object in this
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Spleen. — A successful case of removal of the spleen in
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It is known as the many-headed hydatid. Sheep become
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7. A Case of Gas Gangrene Associated with B. Oedematiens.
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sleeplessness, irregular heart action, indigestion and loss of appetite.
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Mules' operation ; a substitute for enucleation ; indications,
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The prognosis, therefore, in persons under 40 years is decid-
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disposed to bleed as heorically as Prof. Bouillaud.
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always followed by long and severe cough, sometimes even by threatening
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death was from ninety to one hundred grains. The man had survived from
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bled. The delivery seems in all these cases — as is gene-
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perhaps, but nevertheless His work ; and it < named Joseph Neal, sent a messenger to a
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lei, it impels them to their destruction. Among insects thus