the tongue. She had suffered from diarrhoea in the mornings for
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times and advancement of pathological investigations.
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Lief 18, 1885,) expresses the opinion that, in man at
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is exceedingly slow, and often cases have existed many years before they have
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pulmonary edema. On the other hand, with some animals (monkey,
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exciting causes again to become inflamed, notwithstanding the complete
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animals live enclosed in a distinct cyst, in the substance of
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withdrawn and he soon recovered. I accordingly reverted to
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13. McVay, Chester B., and Anson, Barry J.: Inguinal and
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was promulgated by Jenner in 1798, after a series of observations and
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lines on which the investigations of pure science can be followed,
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clean at its source. Adult persons may drink milk well-
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give your life away for one short interview. But it cannot be ; she is an
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forded of getting so striking a result. I have observed
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positions on the force, to determine whether they are
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protoplasm, ordinary uninuclear leucocytes with compact
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at first is patchy and later becomes more or less diffuse in distribution, and (2)
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the lingual nerve on the chorda tympani), flows from the mouth.
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when to bear heavily or lightly on the blood-vessels, when
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a thin coating on the surface. At other times it issues in minute
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Typhoid Fever, E. Eugene Mitchell, Oneonto, Ala.; Typhoid Fever,
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breathing, viz. to inhale as rapidly and fuQy as pos-
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goodly volumes, in which will be found the best record of the
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fatal, especially to aged persons; but Dr. Cullen remarks,
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surgery it should be aspirated When a group is badly involved and
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stomach. If the tongue is uniformly coated from base
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be of greater extent than in the present instance, and the quan-
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some distant city to a famous operator, with all the
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the operation, and ultimately failed very suddenly. Dr. Sutton
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ganization of its membership for negotiation and collective
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substance, and in 37, or 90 per cent, the test was positive. The
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that disease of the pancreas andj total extirpation of the
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peripheral veins. There was a disgust for food, imperfect
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extensive experience of the author as a teacher and clinician,