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acid, corrosive sublimate, etc., or excise the bitten part

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Pregnancy: Teratogenic effects. Pregnancy Category B Ter-

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etiology is imperfect ; both constitutional and local factors

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in diabetics suffering from gastric or renal disorders. Sumbul occasionally

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have before us another Warrant "in continuation of G.G.O.

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teric fever at Hossilpark, Glasgow. Ibid., 1897, xlvii, 3,58-

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If instead of 0-85 % saline, dist. water is taken as dilution medium,

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erythema ; secondly, a macular, measly eruption, which becomes more or less

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hand: — they may refer it to general temperament — or to the

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surgical cleanliness of the patient's genitals and the attend-

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defibrinated, after removal from the body of the host, and

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are disinfected. Either the advice given the patient is not what

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Formaldehyd gas possesses about the same specific gravity as air;

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fainting in the early stages of the disease ; and the

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1. The Liihic Calculus, which is the most prevalent, and