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2 staples and sutures, per se, dropped almost by one-half. In 1996, the FTC had brought an action against the AMA for

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given in the ounce-to-ounce solution in peppermint water, of which the

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much smaller in proportion than in man. The os humeri or arm-bone, of

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fullness laterally. She complained of some tenderness in abdomen, upon

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schemes is very important. An study should be performed by varying the fractionated

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moved the appointment of a 'ComTnittee on organization.

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a deep-set umbilicus in the centre of the small tumour. The tumour was

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plumbi subacetatis, 1 fluidounce (30 mils) ; aquse q. s., 16

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this patient had. I think it very likely that he had had some con-

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biliosi's Tvphusrecidiv. Deutsche lued. Wchuschr.. Leipz.

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of the Understanding, his two most valuable, because most

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by James Dunthorne. This is one of the classics of medical iconography.

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enza, malarial fevers, and rheumatism, unhindered by official

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7. There is a great need for a more general use of heart massage,

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Last year I was in his favour, and I was struck at the re-

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Captain Jefferson D. Poindkxter, assistant surgeon, is

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was aged thirty-four years. This man presented no symptoms of renal

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nr tt • 4-t. /r> ,„„'7 j>n^hth„l™nl*™ \ M.D., Unionville, Va., writes to the Virginia

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— 10 in number — are tarnished by HoS. They are ex-

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cases delirium is rarely absent. Examination of the blood

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With exception of cases of traumatic origin, this disease, as a rule,

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tectural arrangrements supposed to be indispensable to the proper care and

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seldom that a winter has passed without some cases of it.

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of straw properly adjusted. The operator will now introduce

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