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if grown on a medium containing none of the amino-acids found in

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not judiciously dealt with, it will, in many instances

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scrotum presented himself for treatment and gave a history

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appeared from the urine and the wound had quickly granulated.

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What is perplexing is that this patient managed to maintain

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After lightning-pains, loss of knee-jerk, and myosis have lasted for several

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â–  Sustained efficacy - No reported increase in dosage

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at the meeting above mentioned to co-operate with them in the es-

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munizing, 46. In all these cases cultures of the Klebs-

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mence until the food had been changed. If it be possible to

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contracted, the pulse as a rule frequent and strong. Therapeutically, anti-

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added to sterilized water ought always to be considered.

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does not contribute at least somewhat to the successful re-

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much as the malady is still so frequently confounded with " eryth-

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hospitals of our large towns until the disease has passed into the

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leg by bursting shell. Wound laid open by incision, extraction of

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arteries may be atheromatous. Calomel (gr. v, gm. 0.3) with sodium

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ments with this agent on myself, with the object of ob-

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the recent epidemic of cholera there. It reacted typically in all media, and

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In the Foothills of Tennessee's Beautiful and Picturesque Mountains

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and friends. Narcotic drug diseases, however, seems to have originated

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repeated abscesses in different parts of the throat, and a spreading ulceration.

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3. Whether or not there had been any previous treat-

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ent material, is saturated with methyl salicylate, applied

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