with a catheter in case the urine is not voluntarily passed.
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were poor from an educational point of view, but they filled an ex-
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separated by tlie outwandered and new-formed cells ; the horny layer
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made, be every way sufificient for comfort and health,
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9. Braun MM. Maguire B: Tuberculosis and the acquired immunodeficiency
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evidence of rickets in but 3 of 475 cases, and Tschistowitch in none of 100
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Expectorants may be needed as in bronchitis. Stimulants may be
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third, the elimination of the disorganized parts must take place, before
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in which twenty-one out of thirty-two inoculated sheep become
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may not be as well tolerated due to exacerbations on the “off
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the optic nerve is seen to be of a pearly white, diminished in volume, at
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certain of the electrical changes, particularly that known as the
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Heft 1, 1896, p. 9.-27. Woods, John F. "The Treatment by Suggestion with and
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nials to tlie Surgeon, Salary £100 per annum, with coals, gas, and
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audiences. The historical addresses are of interest to
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pathological conditions of the lachrymal apparatus, conjunctival deformities,
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blood is distributed not in accordance with the physiolog-
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of the foetal neck, and the great amount of force that can safely be used
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Once a year for sixty years, my worthy predecessors in this chair
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which describes variations in the size and appearance of the rabbit's breast cor-
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surgery, and the remainder to children's and women's
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I asked Dr. Cecil to see the case with me in consultation. Her
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was a warty excrescence, the size of a coffee-bean, soft in consistence, composed of
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and, as Sir W. Gull describes them, ' spade-like ' — an appearance which
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July. It is now September, and it has not arrived. However, it may be
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2d. Atrophy, from the pressure of the exudate upon the muscu- .
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Table 6 shows the results of a test diet day on December 15 of our
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gonorrhea. A good urinary antiseptic during convalescence from typhoid and scarlet fever.
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8 Resigned to become Health Officer Vance County. * Resigned.
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wishes a pair of glasses to enable her to do her housework in.
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within a fortnight from involvement of the bulbar nuclei. Small haemor-
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gesied ; the brain was large, and its sub- ^''^'n '^"^ evidence, at the inquest, that the