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the first sound of the heart over the apex, as representing the state of the

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To the EdUor of the Boston Medical and Surgieai Journal. *

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Great relief is sometimes given by blistering the head. Flying blisters,

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The diarrhaea may readily be restrained by a powdei

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a medical Opinion should certainly be expressed with caution ; but if we are .

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terminating ra[)idly with dyspnoeic symptoms. It is due to repeated forced

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Ft. cap. No. X. Sig.: One capsule every three to six

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May 21— The California Uimor Tissue Registry’s Semi-Annual

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vertigo of albuminuria, nitro-glycerin, gr. ■^, three times

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tasis in the angiosarcomata, except when they are pig-

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ceased ; and, though the menstrual epochs continued

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some other point of the abdomen. Turner,^ in 145 normal diverticula

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his patients. Textbooks describe typical cases, but the varia-

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treated in the following manner. The facial and superior thyroid arteries were

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sterni. On auscultation at the mitral area there was a loud V.S.

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which has been rectified, but not entirely freed from the

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filling of any crevices and makes a practically unbroken

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stated in a communication accompanying tlie manuscript, and no

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each other ; so that vhen one of these is scratched or

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technical difficulty arose which may be foreseen and provided against

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opment. The points to be especially noted in the passive

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residents from the Huntsville program are in practice in

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Halstead had confirmed the statement that the hands,

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Sometimes the infection localizes itself in the respira-

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and then repeated with the patient on her right and

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good is^to humour him, and treat his imaginary ailments as if they

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of the right) carotid artery. The upper laceration was one line,