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interfered with if due to occupation. If their removal is desiderated, it
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tion, and later a polymorphonuclear leucocytic infiltration may be
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The ductility of the uterus had also been noticed in the unim-
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annual Mississippi Valley Conference on tuberculosis
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unless it be the external rectus, or that when two or three muscles are
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Oil of Turpentine, {Oleum Terbinthince.) — The oil
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albumen and its organic derivatives were constantly restored.
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The patient, who was in Scotland at tiiis period, tried a great
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of the tumor and joining the middle of an incision 10 cm. in
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be repeated morning and evening for several days, and
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firmity, enjoys life, probably attaining old age. In some cases he presoats
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placed on duty at once, and could lend invaluable aid in checking
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tion was equally efficient in another chronic case. —
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author had had several years' experience in treating these cases,
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parently, not understood. The American Ambulance, in Paris, attract-
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selected from the Animal Kingdom. All kinds of Meat ; all kinds
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immense quantities of fungi in certain articles of food ;
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In this way a more rapid convalescence is secured, a chronic fistula
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comfort to the patient by mechanical pressure, if tiior-
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similar causes; one of the arms, one of the face, and the last
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found the tongue of an ox to be 4 inches thick, and to weigh
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done by Dr. Allen and others in this special field.
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venesection, and still more frequently by leeching,
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four supercooling preservative solutions was then per-
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E. WiLUAMS, M.D., Kansas City, Kan., to Miss Lilian St.
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ory a short space must be devoted to the broad ques-
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disease is not its symptoms or its signs, its cause or its treatment, but
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tighten around him. Bring it up very gently, and do not draw
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when pus is mingled with blood the coagulum formed is more firm, it
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