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lege of Surgeons, when it is not the custom to do so
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hand, applied over the clavicle, easily perceives the crepitation.
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place about the time of the critical defervescence. There are about
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white, or yellow in colour, and if haemorrhage has taken place
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This suggested oral contact as a possible route of transmission
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Castle in their studies on heredity. Hansemann (see
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stupor, coma, immobility, or paralysis, depend upon the seat of
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striking upon the abdominal walls, producing paralysis of
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Plastic Operatioii on the Hose after Excision for Sar.
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into the bladder and rectum is not the only accident to be dreaded in this
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busy taking evidence in the Laval-Victoria case. He
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strength of the patient should be supported by broths, soups, and,
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