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secretions and subsequantly causing vomiting of the same. A minute dose should
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3 per cent; 43 per cent showed between 2 and 3 per cent.
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to induce severe eczema in consequence of uncontrollable scratching.
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no general septicaemia. By the administration of a suitable vaccine — i.e., the
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litis," by the famous surgeon, lecturer, and author, Fred-
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the Bellevue Hospital, who has assisted me indefatigably in the analyses
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common in the two sexes. The symptoms have occasionally followed a
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By the eighth and ninth day, she seemed to cough up a good deal of
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minutes, than all I ever gained from any other source."
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beats to the minute. A pulse of 140, of more than half a day's duration,
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months more of her remaining life, but that is all.
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lated. He was delighted with the results of this mode of relief, and
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which he was occasionally bled, and put under the influence of
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cardia; gall stones and cholecystitis associated with true gastro-
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chir. di Napoli, 1890, n. s.,1, 181, 1 pi.— Roscili (R.) Quat-
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its an;iesthetic effects it is, as we know, antiseptic
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of the foot and toes, with great pain over the dorsum of the
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can of course be applied to any case of erysipelas, but we
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sicians, the discovery excited unbounded hopes of finding here
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appears that Jackson was the Columbus and Morton the Amerigo
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right knee, where sensation was preserved. M. Dejerine
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vol. 17, p. 265.) This case confirms the observation of Dr. Donovan, that
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np the study in the two successive editions of my book upon the treat-
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thirty-nine or forty years, the fact that it may occur very much sooner
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portant in connection with small-pox and scarlet fever, and
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gave of herself was the following. On the Sunday prior to her admis-
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brate the action of those deserving men who with such apprecia-
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connection with the pulse," and a list of the Latin names
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were obtained. The observations demonstrate that butyl-chloral energetically