longer. He was very weak, and it was deemed advisable
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stole through the stomach, and sneaked in under the nether
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lapses of memory and very defective intelligence are associated.
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middle ear, or tympanum ; and the labyrinth. The tympanum is separated
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ize Congress in regard to the creation of a new De-
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fied medicines so as to pertain to the most important, wliich is called the
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well shown in those cases of post-malarial antemia in which we find
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ity, and on this account it is much harder to deal with
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ment. The section of the conjunctiva commenced on the
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-f 2 CO2 + 6 NaNOj. The precipitated bismuth subcarbo-
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impossible, in four years, or in ten years, to gain an even
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all these conditions combined, the case is then justly named menorrhagia. When
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teristic pertain to the stomach. Yomiting occurs, if not already present,
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The left coronary artery was followed from its origin
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tlie cases met with in America no signs of ill-health can be detected.
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and Malignant, which is best on the gross pathology. It is a
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tainty." This was the view taken of medicine by the celebrated
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patient had wounds of both lower extremities and one
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respiration. The sphincters may escape entirely, or suffer
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tions the diagnosis is sometimes exceedingly diffi- unnecessary, as with a conical burr bone drill the
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and manipulation without materially interfering with
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and, as a matter of course, thinks that is the best time ; and
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Pditica and Pension Boaidi. — ^The Kansas City Medical
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uterus appeared to be small and hard. An anirsthetic was given ; the
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for restoring the regular profession to its lost rights
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of piiiilislH'iH has taken phu-e for the " Boston Medical and Sur-
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of this reform is needed in Connecticut, for in two or
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of skilful persons. (Rex v. Macewan, ante, p. 481.) The judges ruled the
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46. Milk utensils for farm use should be made of metal and have all joints