used at the outset. From February, 1900, to March, 1905, 1185 patients

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irregular islands of cartilage at its extremity, but not connected with

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use of white phosphorus. Another effect of phosphorus is a fragility

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Fatty Tumor. (Operation by Prof. Talbot.) — A rnaju

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understanding leads to calling the first stage of locomotor ataxia

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which are peculiar to the early stages of disease. The ambition

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conditions which it is their purpose to disclose. The amount

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from duty at Fort Reno, Indian Territory, and ordered to

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monia. The child was given a tepid bath and an aconite

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lessens the vasomotor constriction. Digitalis ought not

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to which I am now referring, however, a sense of relief and

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It is important to differentiate this disease from eczema, espe-

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present without causing distinct symptoms. Thus, in the limited emphy-

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Hestelius reports an eight-months foetus with large

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Wooden-leg Fund. Diversion of income from specified pur-

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withovl. Again, the intestinal neoplasms may be malignant or benign in natnie.

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two vessels passing to it, one of them coming from the aorta. The

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treatment he voided twenty-three lumbrici in four days. He

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of quinine every hour for three doses, wine and brandy

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there were retinal lesions. N. York Polyclin., 1893, ii,

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left lobes lie uncovered. The position of this edge varies, however, during

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one inch below the border of the left ribs, and the same distance to the

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- of dirty toibid yellow fluid, having a slight cecal odour.

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for certain wounds. Dry dressings are best for fresii. as

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met with chiefly in men, though it may also attack women and children.

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that have prevailed in San Francisco, our conclusions

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