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He is called the preserver of the Greeks ; and when

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of infection by the encysted larva is made postmortem.

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may be taken, and for these cases we must duly allow, but they are very rare.

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(extension) of the vertex by the obli(iuely inclined pelvic floor, now bulging

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received and to which early attention will be given.

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Cape climate will not cure cases of phthisis too far advanced.

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fluid. This argument cannot be admitted, since dis-

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from "Puerperal Septic Disease'' and from "Accidents of Childbirth"

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there is no impaction, or in which impaction has oc-

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axilla. The attack is oftener before tlian after mid-day. Febrile movement

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uterine contractions begin. The vagina is dried and filled with iodoform

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black, or chocolate color, and is not aerated, and may be mixed with

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For closing the eyes, strips of court-plaster are no longer used.

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which progress is made in this country April, 1902 : "The State forces its physi-

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fever. This implies that the inflammation of the aortic valves has caused