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very true ; yet I have used and do still use the Powdered Bean of St.

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(2) After the Appearance of Rabies. — The Pasteur treatment is ineffectual

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7. Dust in the Etiology of Tuberculosis. Max Girsdansky.

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ing the air over metallic copper heated red-hot ; by ammonia and

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symptoms and destroys life far more quickly than one which is limited to

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of the digestive tract. There is no exception to the rule that we

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dyspnrea) that it was necessary to give her an enor-

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pital, the North-Wester.i and West-Side German Dispensaries, etc. Published by the Interna-

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Ca and Mg. Furthermore, the muscular contractions and the

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soften, allowing certain muscles which are attached near the

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evidence of the most obvious and convincing kind. The fact is, he observes,

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errors of refraction. Thus we have returned in a cirde

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vestigation, no laceration of the urethra could be detected. I must

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Finally, the similarity in the appearance of the flame in spontaneous f

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manufacture, composition, or preparation whereof any methy-

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no more to offer on that point. The peculiar points I desire to make

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and^ loathing of food, giddiness, congestion of the eyes, extreme debility,^

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paration, shortening the left leg so that nothing but the toes

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In this respect it differs from morphia and strychnia. When atropia is heated

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records as trustee for the patient and physician. The

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present without causing distinct symptoms. Thus, in the limited emphy-

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by Dr. J. Allison Hodges, of Eichmond ; Abscess of the Liver

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islands in the West Indian archipelago, Mexico, Honolulu ; the interior of

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When the pain and fever subside, the dose may be reduced to a scruple.

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Supplies and Equipment for Hospital Trains. . . 391

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presented simultaneously. If, however, an interval of

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the arterial shock, at the beginning of the ventricular

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Medico-Psychological Association, 1914, and submitted to the Ameri-

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reproduced from the author's sketches. Bristol: John