middle and internal ear. Previous to the above date Dr. A.

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School, then Aberchirder, Cornhill, Dufftown, Aberlour, and

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which followed ; still, that was a question open to argument.

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in the middle ear. Finally the bites of parasites (leeches,

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and in the fourth, the history of the patient and the objective findings, will

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of Alimentation and Excretion," Drs. Ralfe and Fenwick have an article on

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been in use for from one and one-half to thirty-five

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briefly that he had prescribed the drug to a lady for what he

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against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario because

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to serve the purposes of the community than if each bee had worked

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time in Italy a disease characterized by high fever,

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tion that he would only continue its manufacture if I

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and bones; not limited to special nerves in some cases,

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few who have it recover, and stating that he has found in

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the report devoted to the Marine Hospital occupying one page and a-half :

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the gastric region ; increasing loss of strength ; delirium ; some more rigors one

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should be operated on because there is no separation of the peri-

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We disagree with Dr. Brown in his theory of disease, so far as to be-

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Fact to be determined, was whether he was alive or dead, and, if dead

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Thus, on the 18th June, it measured five pints. In this increased flow of urine,

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all of our curves in this case do not show u definite iso-electric line.

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found to be dead from the suffocating gas at the bottom of the

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treated by an internal incision of corresponding proportions, apart from

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the present from Mr. George Bausch, Syracuse, N. Y.

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conditions it develops into the characteristic colonies or granules and by

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so dangerous as in endocarditis ; and we must entirely agree with

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by exfoliation, and the inner table opposes a marked resistance. Some

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the field of vision, and the disease had been progressive in its character.

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gallons of water and then you, as an X- the lungs with pure air at a moment's

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tant fact is the accumulation of this pigment, and its almost universal