probable that one of the factors in the causation of chronic
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as others see us," we should fail to find any more suit-
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An infusion of green'coffee was prepared by grinding
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Therapeutics. — Stimulant to most of the secretions ; acts on the
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be totally at variance on the most fundamental questions.
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myocardium in these cases. Thus in the disturbance of compensation the
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Ophth. Rev., Lond.. 1899, xviii, 241-245. Also: Brit. M.
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of the purpose of the vascular system that some have
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of changes not yet understood. Vallin, of Paris, has reported a series of
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each other. In organic chemistry, this substitution process takes
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appearance of this book and the excellent manner in which the subject matter
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ing a removed cancer. It is the connective tissue that has the most
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like hemiplegia, only a few days sometimes. In the opinion of
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the operating-room and caused to lie upon the table.
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rhoidal tumors. Of these four were treated according to Langenbeck's plan
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culous infection. Pulmonary tuberculosis is still sometimes described as if
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that, finally, the sugar of the liver, instead of being derived from any starchy
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and persistently, so that at the outset, I was completely handicapped. I began
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same time be free from the objections to the use of the latter.
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chambers, and to distinguish it from the more common
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require to be specially reviewed in connection with this subject. Suffice
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Recipes. Written and compiled by Selina H. Northcote. pp. 88.
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ten to twentv horses, which are caught \vild in the neighbouring island, and
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Repr. from: Tr. Am. Climat. Ass., Phila., 1897, xiii.
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sseptum adjoining will be found to be necrosed, perhaps
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little more difficult to enforce, because deaths, recoveries and removals
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their lessening the extent to which contagious diseases may spread,
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ance ; and, although vei-y popular, he was powerless to appease,
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idea of what they actually are ? Indeed, had Dr. Manson re-
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parent can be transmitted to the otispring. ^Ye approach the crucial
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locality in which the physician or surgeon practices should be
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of nearly 4000 lives, besides the serious injuries which have unfitted
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The transplanted practice has had its trail filled with either the
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wise ; but again, in quite a number of cases no changes are found
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all the controverted instances, such as plague, and yellow fever, and