HooMS. — This Society gave one of its pleasant entertainments
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a A dock is drawn in its early stage before the stalk in
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into gold, or light into darkness, as to see fever changed into disease.
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simply a transient hemorrhage, the patient recovering in a few
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The second section is especially interesting, though pertain-
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excite trouble in all. In illustration of this statement the
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surgeon frequently dispenses with its use during oper-
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of a self-limited ailment. The role of the physician lies chiefly in
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of the neck of the bladder; so that they are either unable to
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mination of the case, he was not to be visited with an action to mulct him for
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the application of the drainage, the epileptic attacks ceased. — London Medical
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Patient slowly rallied after the operation ; absorption of the free
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disuse of bleeding and purgatives during the last thirty or forty
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treated as many cases as he had of diphtheria and had
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the fact that, as a rule, to which there are very few exceptions, surgical
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on sterility. It is a very satisfactory presentation of
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chilliness and heat, violent pain in the head and back, pain in the extremi-
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colour of slate or of the skin of an eel, and is covered with mucus.
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certain amount of moisture and of exposure to the air favor this
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prevalent, affords the opportunity for testing peptonized
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performed. In the twenty-five months which have passed,
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585 cases; and 162 cases were due to the sequehc of fevers.
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Laveran and Mesnil 1901, which exists in two varieties — parva and magna —
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should be laid on the nutrition clinics, in which an effort is made to
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perhaps, but nevertheless His work ; and it < named Joseph Neal, sent a messenger to a
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a case of interstitial nephritis with paresis of the right abdu-
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aorta did not dilate much. The endocardium about the orifice was
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thing to find physicians administering as much as lO or even
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testicles, which are between the acetabulum and the ovary, and by the
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a hat or a bonnet ; go to a closed room rather than sit or stand out of doors ; sit
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pernicious, this is only an apparent contradiction of the .standpoint which we have
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is of a bright arterial hue. The spinal cord is paralyzed at
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Oil the principle that the parts of the mind most exercised in tliis