was delivered ; but the breast continued to increase
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cases which are either mild or not extremely severe, and in which tt>
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occasion to need the services of an internist there. His
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The point of sjiecial interest in that portion of the
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Chandler, then one of the house physicians of the hospital. 2 Of the 20
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the same result in France. Upon his return to Paris he
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(artificial i)upil) i)erformed under cocaine. A two
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that he is acquainted with the circumstances by which he is surrounded ; that
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rence of a true renal albuminuria. In the latter case the amount of
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distinct physical disturbance became evident : speech became difficult and
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4hre hard, and, generally, impregnated with mineral substances; for sud-
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vertigo, and other cerebral disturbances. 5. All these
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Chester White pigs for ninety-nine days in order to compare the effect
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In the latter the heart is larger, more robust, and more powerful, and its
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to what he may know in relation to the applicant's past or present
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also found, usually in small numbers, with the amoebae in the deeper
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diagnoses of reHcx i)araplegia and of anamiia and hyper;emiaof the cord, con-
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plest, quickest, and most satisfactory treatment in my hands. It
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more glucose than when they are taken in smaller amounts. This is not
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repeat, the process of propagation was not found in any of the autopsies.
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entiation fr(ni encephalitis is not always possible during the
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21 days' incubation; it required 0.05 c c of the serum of the younger
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electricity or by the separation of peri-oophoritic
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a sanitary reformer, destitute of self-interest, and withal
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examined the right colour field, but there appeared to be no patho-
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position derived probability from a perusal of many scattered observations m
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THE PANCREAS.— The pancreas is an elongated, lobed
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The general conclusion to be reached from a study of this table is the