formed animal tissue, and, without being rendered a foreign body
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difficult for one who has not been associated with him in this
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Immediate Plan. By Philip Crampton Smyly, M B., one of the
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Table 4 and Chart 7 illustrate the development of influenza cases
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the skin removed during life from a patient with measles reveals the fol-
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day medical schools, including those in our state, which
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that it oftentimes does in scarlet fever, but crumbles away in a fine
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when the action of the muscles which protrude the tongue is considered.
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limited to a muscle or a group of muscles. The contractures are permanent.
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twenty-seven years of age, on whom he operated with a successful
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or adult. The only reason the adult can sustain the shock is by
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gout, since it addresses itself to the removal of the material
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plete. When it is complete, the posterior ligament of
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the least well marked of the three. This springs from the outer layer beneath the
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on this subject are especially worthy of notice. The
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as all departures from the beaten track must do, a stormi
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ments which might be mentioned here, but every physi-
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In this elaborate work, which has been inactive preparation for several years, the author has
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of the sanguiferous system in typhus? Is not there a preponderj
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had evacuations. He has constantly, during that time, taken
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struction had not been present in those cases in which
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which took and has done away with the pain, though the sinus
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1979 and continued his loyal concern thereafter. His works em-
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This theory, in reference to the treatment of consumption, was pre-
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sium-sparing diuretics (e.g., spironolactone, triamterene, or amiloride), potassium supplements, or potassium-con-
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in prognosis. Therapeutic progress of the last half cen-
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the index of authors has been made so large. Thus, in an ab-
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If the capillary vessels of the web of a frog's foot be stimulated, the efl^ct of
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be relieved of sehool attendance, and not only have
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