rence of goitre, and within a few weeks I saw more cases than I had

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the ilium ; the vastus externus and internus, arising from the

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yours?" said the physician. "Willingly," said the king.

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the night before, and had disturbed the people in the room

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of the University of Edinburgh. — The induction of Dr. Alex.

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the city, and have been captured in houses within two blocks of

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severe suppurative inflammation resulting in thickening, rigidity, and

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thetic, so knowing and knowable ; and beyond this, too, he

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solution, and to avoid irritation. He had been told by

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Art. XVIII. — On Ancesthesia and Ancesthctic Substances generally; being an Ex-

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quently, so-called traumatic tetanus is the ordinary form of

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Of diseases outside the nervous system, it is not possible at present to

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The more strictly scientific character of the work is relieved

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estimate. The articles touch upon nearly the whole field

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examination should reveal diseased structure still there,

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mild, and merely incidental to high febrile movement. But it is some-

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aside in favour of ideas which go more to the root of the matter.

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Tricuspid and pulmonic lesions, as already stated are comparatively rare.

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time afterwards there was amenorrboea, with relief from the severe pain. Between

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the first frontal convolution, to the greater part of the second, to

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the use of the drug on the appearance of symptoms of iodism.

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to him. " Each vas inferens," writes Ludwig, " before entering a gland divides

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if at all perceived, while its consistency is absolutely that of

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minutes, or in less than a minute with careful precautions.

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In considering the causes of chronic inflammation and ulceration of

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intimate. They are both due to dietetic errors. Eickets

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pathology the morbid, then we can estimate the amount of the aberration

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This interesting monograph, based upon the study by the

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oses. We cannot stop to inquire into the causes of this condition,