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An important question remains to be cleared up : Is traumatic diabetes
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Lutembacher (37) have reported almost 2,000 intravenous injections
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cially in relation to therapeutics — continually taking place in our
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be misinterpreted and to some diseases liable wrongly
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cases, upon examination, to find the placenta already expelled or only
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or those that may hereafter be organized in this State, which have adopted
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fect action in the tissues most recently affected with the
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the condition of the given case, and for an hour and a quar-
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There are one or two points that I would like to al-
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readily dislodged ; the external hand then pushed the
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that the Great Spirit had constituted him his agent upon earth, and that
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completely obscure the nature of the disease, and in other cases they are
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very desponding about his complaints, which he much exaggerates. Jan. 10th. —
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to suspect the existence of serious disease of the brain and spinal
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good beer, and in addition to this, each cottage has its garden, and
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gases, active principles, or media of propagation and development
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swindles in religious papers. But as the world grows
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any leakage in the fistula, except when a i)iece of tumor oc-
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haemoglobin, it is quite necessary that we do not trust en-
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other hand, we must not forget that there is another side to the picture. In a
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cases he proposed continuing his experiments with it,
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anastomoses with the ophthalmic artery. According to Sappey, it is
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wide apart when he fell. After etherization, the thigh was found to be
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tions ; but aH medicines administered internally disagreed with her after
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recovery and left the hospital on October li). When seen in
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day, besides occasionally a little broth or gruel. Her
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In summing up my remarks as to what we know with regard to the