will allow that it was well placed, and if so it need not be very extensive;
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the disease appears to go on to a good recovery ; and so it
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same substance, since Rivalta, for example, expressly states that ft
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right ear, however, the suppuration continued, and the tem-
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serum. The amount of toxin in the blood, as proved by
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ure, the bougie becoming arrested by a curve of the sacrum. — Boston Medical
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pository containing two grains of opium. This treat-
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could generally be performed under cocaine, while the
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necessarily an index of good circulation, nor is a lowering pressure
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altitudes ; also those with especially developed cardiac lesions
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could have been read during the move (which was unlikely), antitoxin
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compelled to follow in a given line, and conscious of a
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of passing events, and several days later was about as usual.
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logical examination of her genital tract and the sym-
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nourished, and perhaps slaps his cliest and says, "But
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study. In a former paper he alluded to the high percentage of patients
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cult. This organ was formerly regarded as the seat of the
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being greatly irritated by the violent cough which accompanied the dis-
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still bad. Ordered nitric acid lotion, and the iodide of potas-
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hospital receives, as a rule, the worst cases, that they
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Work in spite of yourself, and make the habit of work, and
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Dickey (W. A.) The etiology of typhoid fever. Toledo
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the respect of potentates of almost every degree, particularly in
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advantage, that two active medicines, of coinciding effects, may be thus admi-
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barrier to the enemy than the stratified squamous epithelium of the
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of Health is shown by the sins of omission in the medical exam-
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Besides the actual nodules, of which the majority were flat and sessile,
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Surgery has become largely the practice of medicine, and
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efforts, such as crying or coughing. I may repeat that naevoid tissue is
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excessive muscular strain, chest-injuries, and great excite-
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datus of one side with the opposite half of the cerebellum by