ear and cause otitis intMiia, with deafness and otorrhea as the chief s^inptoms.
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Children. — A. Caill6* advocates the employment of an immun-
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food; a little corn on the cob, apples, carrots, or sweet milk with
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bject of study. The following new use for these rays was indi-
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is difficult to take a full breath on account of " cramps,"
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amounts, has produced undesirable bacon. The best results have
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Six days later it was recorded that the lesions had all dried up
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labours. 28d. Very little expansion of right side of chest even on deep inspiration.
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productions, by this hypothesis, was not perceived, and in truth,
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* Much of the obscurity that invests recent foreign works on the Germ Theory is owing
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tain cases in an acid medium, although, iu other in-
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ix. 425. Also: Gaz. de gynec. Par.. 1887. ii, 196-198. —
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I saw her eighteen months after the pain set in, and found
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Competent to Testify as an Expert on Insanity. — A
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Tfj})i' 4. — This was met with three times, and in cultures only.
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limbs. He was a heavy whiskey drinker; had had syph-
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the systole) is not infrequent after relative insufficiency of the mitial Tabes
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severe pains in the neck, followed by paralysis of the right arm, and later
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substances ; and when the effects are too powerful to attend
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by advance of the disease or intercurrent maladies.
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Practical Chapters on Static Electricity by S. H. Mchtbll, H.D., New York,
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catrized pulmonary lesions, and in 2.8% very early lesions.
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Dr. J. B. S. Jackson thought that no importance could be attached to this.
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intrauterine life, the lungs are entirely inactive ; no
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bronchial respiration, bronchophony and abundant medium-sized moist
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there is a lacrymal fistula, especinlly with necrosis.
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McLaughlin : " That this Council hereby places on record its