quantities causes only slight depression — less than half a degree —
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without convulsions. The mind may be clouded and delirium of a low and
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what has already been accomplished by ])revious in-
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strong : tongue furred : pains in head and epigastrium unabated. Eight leeches
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patient than on the skill of the operator. We often see
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ing, as well as too great quantity of food, at one time, should be avoided.
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amination, out of forty-eight successful candidates
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quite well. We find by this that the patient was almost cured
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structed, ventilated, or kept shall he deemed to he a nuisance
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and incorporating the information from the basic sciences
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or tremor of the voice could be perceived, save by those close at
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quently ; and oscillation of the eyeballs (nystagmus) is so frequent in this
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the valuable property of producing anaesthesia of the parts
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Post mortem. — A rent of one inch at the fundus, near the insertion of the
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the course of two or three days, but more commonly towards the close of a
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terse and suggestive a name is therefore welcome. It is thus
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cidation from certain facts respecting the composition of the blood
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of the tumor. A space much larger than a silver dollar may be covered with the
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blood-clot a quarter of an inch thick. It gave the impression
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hemorrhage. It is to be noted that, in a certain proportion of cases of hem-
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diminution of restlessness. The redness of the con-
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it must replace introduction of premature labor and every
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dark, offensive dejection. Pulse, A. M. 72 ; p. m. 78. Temperature,
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monic processes (Pfeiffer, Finkler, Weichselbaum, Ribbert, Meunier).
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the Inconveniences of a sedentary Life. 'Tis a known
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doses and modes of administration, Mr. N. remarks, that there is considerable
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peace conferences may for the moment gratify the op-
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