The most frequent and characteristic sequel is the "cholera typhoid,'"

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others of her crew, for bilious fever, having been taken on the sick list for

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1 Liebermeister, Munch, med. Woch., Septcnilipr 19, 1911, Iviii, No. 38.

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writes, "His figure stands out so clearly as he was then — a most

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vicinity of the affected parts. Disturbances in bone sensibility also occur in syringo-

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Her general health is fair, but she suffers from fever at

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i The only part of the body which is lighter than water is fat. The specific

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cause, they say, " children speak a much more intelligible language by

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sometimes experienced a sudden desire to micturate soon

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produced a fatal infection in rabbits when injected intravenously. Taylor, 17

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husband should presume that it pleases her to be continent, and so he is

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second year. His disease was attributed, and without

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convex swelling into that cavity. The nose is pushed towards the

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part of his establishment, and explained fully his views

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and attended b}'' pustules or vesicles. These so-called

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Half Strength of above (the use of which we recommend): 25, 30c; 4 tubes, $1.15; 100 (bulk), $1.10

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in one dram of dilute acetic acid, to which six ounces of distilled

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I have called the " fixation position " with steadiness. This leads me to

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tests have been made of them, correspond quite closely to those

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himself discovered this pellicle independently and was

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there was no projection to be felt above the acromion process, thus doing away

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nicious practice of plying them with alcohol during their monthly periods.

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grammatical accuracy. De Quincy asserts that he wrote

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a collection consisting of all the woodcut figures of plants in Plantin's

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Diagram illustrating development of diaphragm (Keith).

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diately suspended on the occurrence of asphyxia, and in this way we may

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other method hitherto known ; but yet the employment of the

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occur in neuritis. One of the most common is the loss of control (paresis)

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the child suddenly went into syncope and died three

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meeting, send a certified copy of these resolutions to the dean of each medical