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aperient is to be given, and an injection on the morning of the operation.

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lotrisone (containing betamethasone and clotrimazole)

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the difficulty I had experienced in viewing the vocal cords. The

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carbon and hydrogen may be considered as forming a radical base, which unites

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hygienic conditions. Now, in comparing the new operation with

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180th Anniversary Reception: President's Address Francis C. Wood 133

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end in the destruction of protoplasm and in the accumulation of

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1st Those cases in which the right subclavian and common caro-

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remove the placenta, that on the contrary it is often much better

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are attached, which pass upwards on either side of the

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medical societies, should first focus attention on the

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Clapton, Edward, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.C.S., St. Thomas's Street,

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leeched, and tartar emetic having been administered several

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etc., has, consequently, nothing to fear as long as the urinary depuration

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undisturbed by the anaesthetic, not the slightest movement

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We have already seen that the cutaneous surface, which is the seat of

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Kinqdon P/iio/i.— Edsrin Child, M.R.C.S.E-, L.S.A., to the New Maiden

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The solution is now filtered, allowed to cool, and to it are added, by means of a test-

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says he did with reference to his lay neighbors whom

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recognized a month ago. The child, you will observe, has a

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tion of the presence of a degree of chronic shock, whidi,

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of the work was published in 1881 by the "Warsaw Surgical Society.

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by hydrotherapeutic measures, electricity, and change of scene. In

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When the anesthesia has to be prolonged I usually pass from ethyl

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CELE. — The scrotum is the bag or pouch that contains the