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occurred after the succeeding auricular beat, which, as well as the following
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the centre of some proliferating region, and the cells, which would other-
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many authorities recommend the use of iodine externally.
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surgeons for the last three hundred years is not to be wondered at,
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the endothelial cells is converted to xanthine oxidase.
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rhoeal diseases in children. The hard, dry tongue, the
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Footnotes, bibliographies, and legends for illustrations
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whether it be in the form of a typhus fever, dysen-
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slightly backward. Its attachments had been completely sev-
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disease ; and, notwithstanding the average proportion of ope-
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could hardly admit the hypothesis of a tubercular lesion. Griffon obtained by
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ond and third merge into regular tubercular invasion.
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The cities of Mexico and Pueblo are located at an alti-
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cases, are sneezing and a serous discharge from one or both nostrils.
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Ireland of all places in the world, must surely be maintained, and
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possess the irritability and contractility peculiar to muscular
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27. LeVay, A. D. : A case of Melorheostosis. Brit. J. Surg.,
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a circumscribed pneumothorax may be demonstrated. They are at first
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thus the idea developed that serum diagnosis might be
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his children were suffering at his home with the disease.
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ried woman who, on account of an exaggeration of both
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Coffey, L. H., Lenoir, Med. Coll. of Va., 1906 1906 1913
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lateral bending, which caused knock-knee or bow-leg, and anteroposte-
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recommended. Strychnine has been used in massive doses without distinct
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or alternating with outbursts of cutaneous urticaria. The implication of
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tions. Nor is the Relieving Officer always accessible.
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