Frequently the women do not want to come to the hospital for
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progressive valvulitis to what there is with the static in-
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characteristic of typhoid (enlarged spleen, roseate spK)ts, etc.) come to the fore.
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Synonyms. — Lepra; Elephantiasis Grsecorum, Hebrseorum; Leon-
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bare affirmation that the lungs are in most cases pale and have
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Important.— The Corrosive Sublimate solution is the stronger
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the size of a 10-year-old child. The tumor appeared 5 years ago
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He thereupon examined the cadavers of 222 dogs and found spontaneous
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immediately after the use of antiseptics. We are of
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are protected entirely from any of the peculiar effects of the fear of
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rectal oil-ether. In my opinion this method is very useful in nearly all
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earlier stages. The importance of this has I am confident
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position, the greatest care taken to remove every particle of
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progress is impossible. The mind may have been stored with memo-
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is too well known to let us permit the whole organism to be-
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ously combined with thyroid are, arsenic, strychnia, digitalis, adonis ver-
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probably produced in the innominate aneurysm, or possibly
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Symptoms. — Usually there are chills, with pain in moving; a
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est attachment, and even if the disease do not attack her where its fatal re-
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Pathology, — The basilar meninges are especially involved.
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It was most probably our great French dermatologist, Bazin,' who
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accusation of obsequiousness, he loyally clung to the poor, for
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called scrofulous glands or joints, we now call tubercular. The germ
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The cases cited above are only examples of the various groups
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numbers corresponding to the residues. In our case, these are 95*1,
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trav. Comit6 consult, d'hyg. pub. de Franci' 1889, Par.,
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dead. A bloody froth escaped from its mouth, and on inspection its lungs
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