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of this treatment to control the ])rogress of diphtheria.
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vescicles, which as the case progressed, coalesced, and formed one immense
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six breaths will be sufficient Oxygen should be admitted grad-
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recurrence of the paroxysms of intermittent fever. Trifacial neuralgia rarely
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tion. Name your price. Call or write Badger Medical
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2. — Sinkler, after a brief description of the symptoma-
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or, as Adami would have it, sub-infection. A vicious circle is thereby
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satisfaction than at any time since her recovery from the
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Ping Yin, China.^- — Elephantiasis rare ; in Wenchow,
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bling blood-serum or some other body fluid is well worth detailed considera-
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narcosis is held to occur frequently in those who are subjects of the
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influence of light upon respiration, pulse and temperature.
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ments to the coronary substance, or, where the attack has been
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out the slightest haemorrhage or pain. With the exception
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Drunkenness, lechery, and gambling are the sports and