made with some reserve and only in the case of a distinct hereditary

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Erysipelas, when it attacks infants, frequently makes its appearance

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In cases suspected of having tuberculosis, sputum, if obtainable,,

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Society ; and he mentions that inoculation from cow to cow was

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There is no pitting and no tenderness. The thighs are soft, perhaps

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characteristic features; it is even more characteristic than the eruption,

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extension, there may be laryngitis, which still further impedes the respira-

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ers could not bear investigation requisite to a proper diagnosis.

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found to have developed extra-peritoneally, so that it could not be

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advise either local treatment by probes or by means of

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this point, a series of careful experiments was instituted with the following substances:

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1 . Lieblich JM, Rogol AD, White BJ. et al: Syndrome of anosmia with hypogo-

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has prevailed in London, and naturally makes ladies

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than that of crushing them by force, and accordingly applied

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Jeffrey, M., on the morbid anatomy of paralysis agitans. 60

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lowing the escape of about half a drachm of pus, full of the characteristic

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Symptoms. — As in the case of rats and other animals, trypanosome

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receive the blood ; the cerebral hemispheres swell, and,

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of Webster, resigned from the Society, on account of removal

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that is jumping about, has gone pretty far on the path of self-

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A suggestive previous history; a positive x-ray picture; "tubercles on the

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fourteenth of this dose will produce some effect, although

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dischai^e of pus by vomiting, stool, or expectoration, the m

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lower, 1015, lOlO, or even less, and the reaction is very feebly acid,

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tersb., 1858-01, iii, 184-193, 1 pi. . Ueber die Varietii-

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hours a day, seven days a week. This service is de-

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Dr Bristowe believes that opium may still be used even in full doses in

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The impulse has descended from the third space during the acme, to the fourth and fifth

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tions of men between 70 and 80 years of age. M. Rayer found them in the

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the results of his careful investigations into the nature imd pathology of