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paper of Dr. Dresclifeld on the therapeutical action of the drug,

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two families were attacked in the same house, except where

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respiration. The man had died, accidentally suffocated from this mechanical

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cautery. A few days after the patient returned much relieved.

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Properties. — This remedy is used externally in various

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Today most authorities agree that the diagnosis can be

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If the English scheme wore a complete one — which it is not ;.

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'Nichols, A. H.. "Eeport on an Outbreak of Intestinal Disorder Attribut-

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tended, owing to the existence of the ileo-cascal valve, and the

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joint, about one-half to one centimetre below the tip of the epitrochlea.

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considerable time, recovery can only be partial, and contracture

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under his supervision and operational control. The receipt, stor-

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ment. The section of the conjunctiva commenced on the

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Where it has been possible to bring acetanilid-glycerin into intimate contaet

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essence of thyme, inclosed in an hermetically sealed

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of the phagocytes or from the fact that the parasites, by defective

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of HIV infection among childbearing women in the US, 1989-91

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plete union had taken place, but just at the point where the

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given adequate instructions with regard to diet and told to