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is an extensive one, and I shall have the time only to touch
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esting to know if many who suffer from mitral stenosis pass the age of fifty years,
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D. C. ; Dr. P. G. Unna, Hamburg, Germany ; Professor
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esting weekly journal. Established in 1845 it has progressively be-
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" the Physician of the present day is in ? P'^JP^'""' ",^
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knee well up toward the abdomen, and the leg well flexed upon the
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Observations on the Emmenagogue properties of Polygala
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Pregnancy: Teratogenic effects. Pregnancy Category B Ter-
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admitted, in which there was laceration of the carotid artery
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lent matter emitting a cadaverous odor." Brocchi found "albuminous
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Wheeling, president; Drs. C. F. Amos, Lumberport, Clin H.
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one of general suppurative peritonitis, from perforation
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mittente chez les enfants. Bull. Soc. de med. de Par.
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difficulty can easily be overcome in the following man-
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1. It is very gradual ; fasciculi after fasciculi in the muscles
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ever may be of service in the treatment of snake-bites, whether
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they have had children, when it may begin to appear. In this
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failure; cyanotic appearance of face; hands cold and pui-ple. A
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entirely too small to warrant the drawing of any con-
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probability of this explanation was first clearly pointed out by
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the serous, and, perhaps, the fibrinous portions of the blood, while the