differences are, I think, to some extent related to the food supply.
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cation of cold. Pounded ice, in a bladder or bag of India-rubber,
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arytenoidal attachment, the cuneiform cartilages, or car-
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sary because of some antecedent disease which has left one limb
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The brain and the spinal marrow offer nothing peculiar ; their venous
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normal condition. Here and there were groups of leu-
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is continued until healthy granulations are secured.
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Private William Thomson, Cameron Highlanders, killed in
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is that the body loses its power to transform the car-
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horse disease may be important relative to human syphilis.
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street. Single copies may be had at any of the Infirmaries for 12| cents
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ments in climbing plants which wind round supports, and which
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many granulations. Unlike the nuclei themselves the
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and also, whether it occurs slowly or rapidly. If it
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[etc.], Par., 1898-9, i, 18-24. — Schieclt. Ein Fall von
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teen hours, and a strong healthy woman in eight, without the
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If I do not misinterpret your investigations, they lead to
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supposed by most authors that internal treatment cannot reach it. The
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in 1961 to support research and training at institutions in the
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Dr. S. 1{ai£Uch expressed his scepticism in regard
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> James Israel, Cbirurgivche Klinlk der Nierenkrankheiten, Berlin,
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many physicians insert their little finger into the