appreciated if we recall that when the process occurs in

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with the hexon bases, reported in the first paper of this series, a

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quired as to fitness or qualification to practise in one

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superintended the opening of an old well, which proved

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occupy a better or worse position in the list of towns than

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the substantive motion, who shall be permitted to reply ; nor shall any member speak longer

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cous expectoration. There was no chill or fever, and

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Much depends on the social condition of the patient ; much depends

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tending the bladder no distention of the rectum was

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two principal forms; the first is rounded, projecting, and more or

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Liebreich, of Berlin, had announced that lanoline fa-

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examiiration. Ibid., 1898, xv, 111-114.— Culver (C. L.)

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although I, and some of my friends, have made hundreds of

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of fluid were gone so iar that only sUght and doubtful dif-

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reflex movements of the foetus ; nor, as alleged by Dubois, by its instinctive

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great difficulty, the definite diagnosis at times being

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vealed 23,500 white blood cells per cubic millimetre.

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smaller vessels. Four months previous to admission, when quietly

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cellular tissue begins to extend uncontrollably towards the heart.

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denly " the blues have left " and his health is vastly im-

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tendency to the abu-se of alcoholic stimulants. The patient iidiiiittrd. in fact, that Ik- (Irani,

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Chronic Fibrous Pneumonia. Pulmonary Sclerosis, 313

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given from a new Manual of Militar}' Surgery, by Dr. J. J. Chisolm,

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oils, creosote, tincture of iodine, ichlhyol, etc. In

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the lymph itself was an extraction product from the

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accepted opinion, once more voiced by Koch, that the main

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xxviii, 181-187. — Goldscbmid (D.) Ein Fall von trau-

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We saw the child in less tiian three minutes. He lay almost

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The ductility of the uterus had also been noticed in the unim-