Wisconsin State Medical Society, Wankesba, June 26.

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Soap should never be used to acute nor, generally speaking, to any

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An unusual Case of Supra-patellav Bursa. By H. R. Hadden, M.D.,

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menial period, and whether there be really such a condition of the uterus

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understanding leads to calling the first stage of locomotor ataxia

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not necessary for the change of color of the blood in the capillaries, and that the nervous

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fully dressed and covered over. The children, howe\'er, shoukl be

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of the stomach. This is kept up for a week or more until the patient

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and that each succeeding season may bring more conquests

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vaginitis. It causes excoriation of the skin at the margin of the anus.

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some experiences of the drug. German investigators claim that urotro-

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of the indifference of parents, or, at any rate, a dislike on their part

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ject, in which he strongly supported the claims of the

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action described as occurring in the animals of Group 1. In both

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patients. Such arrangements are customary in all hospitals, but they

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essentials the physiology of the placenta was compara-

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he stood cross-examination and sought to support one falsehood

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warmth that results from a little arm-swinging, a few

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high for adults, would have been but 22 per 1,000 of

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however, may be caused by the displacement of one vertebra

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there is an increasing contraction of the internal sphincter, which, upon

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or string-like standing out of these muscles. All movements of head on neck

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parasites until they have gradually lost their pathogenic action and

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Huile de Phenix. Clarified beef marrow 4 oz., lard 2 oz., oil

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of New York.— Med. Times and Gazette, Dec. 20, 1879.

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Tests Used to Disclose Dangerous Liability to Anaphylaxis.

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pipe attached, was much better and safer than a more

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Was better for some tune after operadon, but complains

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that the war is returning into civil life great numbers of men who are

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versal. In the manner of its growth, its recurrence, and generalization