algia, and it is not very far! The postmortem reports are not in accord:

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case, as human saliva taken direct from the parotid duct, or

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Koch's bacillus is absent (Du Pasquier). This form of nephritis causes

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following day. He had no further attacks of dyspnea and seemed

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Coarse, under the provisions of the University Charter of the College.

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and nine grains of coriander seed all together ; give to

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daily, and within a week the movements had almost subsided. Subse-

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puratum. The cases which we reported were chosen with a view to illus-

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York Surgical Society ; Bergen County, N. J., Medical Society

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The following case of purpura rheumatica is of especial

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having a certain proficiency in grammar, arithmetic,

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made, the head had been opened, and there was no apparent good reason

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Complications. — Endocarditis and pericarditis have been ob-

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tients. Not only in chronic cases, but in cases of acute

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treatment in other tuberculous affections, such as tuber-

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]\Ieasles and scarlatina appear to be older diseases, but were not

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are greatly interested in the work of our ciallv well equipped to discharge the mani-

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probably even more marked than the figures suggest. A diminished

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inflammation may be in the adnexa, pelvis, cellular tis-

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cians in the long run will, without question, be a positive

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once strict conformity to these regulations, and consequently

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c(Hnplication, we detect a cardiac murmnr which had not previously

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N. B. — Surgical apparatus for every variety of deformity made

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their clearer skin. The age is usually three to six months, though it

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soon disappear, but if not treated, there may be a permanent

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the first phalanx. The finger is removed and the flap is turned back into the

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the large intestine ; and cases have been observed where the ileo^aeol