was that the nervous system was depressed or exhausted. Ur-

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Home, the Profefl'or of Materia Medica, and one of the CHnical

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If the disease is first seen during the afebrile stage we may try Lowenthal's

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begun thirty years before at the lower part of the neck, and had gradually en-

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is the case, the patient experiences lassitude and malaise.

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solution by enema. This was repeated at the end of four hours, and

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ditions, and a variation in these conditions causes a variation in the

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other gastro-intestinal revellents exercise no such special control over the

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right round, its fiagellum becoming at the same time mostly free from the

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He did not believe those studies had ever shortened the

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the majority of cases. The patient should an assistant who is very much afraid of the

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post-partum haemorrhage. It is a complication which we can

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great difficulty consists in deciding between the diseases of a

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" in thinking about the same subject, incident to me, perhaps, with

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vast lumber-room of remedies — the Invalides for Drugs ! Some of the

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mended by Bulkley, has often given the "^'"^''^ disease, of which it would appear

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would follow upon the destructive action of the short and

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female child was born, very fully developed, having hair on the

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cumcision, without any local treatment whatever. In

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perfection. We should be cautious, therefore, that the rooms of cholera

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cently published table shows that in the year 2301 every

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Great mistakes have arisen in the calculation of the period by the use of

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castor-oil, the warm bath, enemas, and other remedies.

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" It is not every kind of frantic humor, or something unaccountable

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fuses out of cellular pores in order to equilibrate intra- and

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was distended and a small dose of morphia was given. At 11 p.m. he

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115 cases treated this way with no deaths and ten pregnancies. Second-

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there is noted a small quantity of thick, whitish fluid

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which on drying become hard, and may gradually increase in size by accre-

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of colour, strangeness of look, and so forth, does not occur in hysteria.

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Another kind of pseudo-gall-stones is the concretion w hich consists of fats and