consequently render any opening into the sac unnecessary." [Italics

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and costly laboratory of Professor Draper, and the rare

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in the historj^ of medicine than the evolution of our

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a rig [fusion had relieved the pleural pain. This sputum was greenish,

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The plan of giving especial attention to those operations which may fall to the

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the disease and as greatly increasing the ratio of its mortality. But

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the small of the back and vomiting. On admission to hospital the

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J be perfectly devoid of danger), runs into maculated fever in Ireland, and

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age requirements by using available logistical factors which are

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as to the real nature of those cases in which there is hyperpyrexia from the

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tion with osteo-arthritis by Dr. Kent Spender, of Bath,

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large as that of a female nursing. He therefore, through the per-

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curred before the coma, while six other patients had at

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the local lesion has lost much of its diagnostic force

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without inclusion of rat liver microsomes. No mutagenic activity was seen at doses

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throat in the putrid, in the gangrenous sore throat,

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to do, I think it is well if the tubes and ovaries can be

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posure to cold, an intemperate meal, unusual exertion and fatigue,

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tubation. The treatment consists in large doses of strychnia

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14 mg. Pus cells continued to be present in the urine, which was

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certain minor differences between the diplococcus of Weichselbaum and

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Police Cooperation. Unless we can get tlie individual policeman to

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rence, namely, the formation of a clot -nathin the substance of the brain,

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It has, however, I expect, sufficient inherent interest to justify

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application among the poor; but if the fjieces are disposed of, the danger

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excessive, by the free use of cold baths, and have discovered potent agents

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form, the wall of which was formed of bone, varying in thick-

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two cases simply to illustrate the great danger of infection in injujies

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the surface. The linear depressed area is devoid of papillary emi-

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from this class of diseases out of the whole population in one year, being

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torum is due simply to catarrhal swelling and occlusion of the bile-duct. Dr.

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subsidence of the other symptoms. The febrile state lasts from

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Beoster, Edward B., Esq., Assistant-Surgeon (additional), to the