that are difficult to describe precisely." These few cases,

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election of a good and capable person as coroner is, therefore, a matter of pure

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thickened, and Virchow states that this thickening is of an " in-

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diagnosis of scabies, but whose diagnosis was contradicted by expert opinion,

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have lived if an operation had been performed, and Dr.

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years ago, I noticed that all the mares in the party suffered

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from the base of the metatarsals to the terminal phalanges. Other toes are

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Case XXX Female infant, coloured, second child, born Feb. 11,

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J. Moolman, M.B., C.M., Cape 0/ Good //ope, . . i8-77

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fluid is absent, there is still a little doughy feeling

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Yet so long as the institutions for the sick poor are

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We have, therefore, reason to believe that the flatness is that of a solid

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portion of the bladder and the suturing of the edges of the

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much less severe ; indeed in some cases the patient has been able to

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used for quantitative work. The osazone method, however, is merely

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being prevented, the functions of the lungs and of the heart must be very

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we may properly narrow the issue to the consideration of myomectomy

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of diseases in which high-frequency currents can be made of

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mucous membrane became noticeable a day or two after the fever

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irresistible impulse coexisting with the full (?) possession of reason would

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The New Jersey statute passed in 1886 provides that

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too high, contracts the capillaries too much, and I am inclined to think we

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water in drinking and bathing, together with a correct

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better," seems rather too absolute. The author properly insists

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tle advantage has been taken of the discoveries in pathology by the French

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the morning after her confinement, and affected the face. She was im-

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etween the bladder and vagina, and since that period she has lost the

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draw-tube.. If on so doing the dust particles remain in an unchanged posi-

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then, as his acquaintance with German increases, taking

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the presence of twitchings and these may have been due to the

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