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place, the movements of respiration, the weight of the clothing, or

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lated a case in which neuralgia of the supraorbital

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cases of deep stricture need a cutting operation from without ; and whether

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deni6d. et chir. de Bordeaux (189j), 1893, 497-481.— I.oi-

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pathology has thrown upon this subject, it is fair to assume

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lature, courts, and schools, and the writers of all centuries,

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624-640. — ITIassalongo (R.) Le infezioni tificbe a Ve-

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tremes of civilization and barbarism ; of magnificence and wretchedness ; of splen-

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existed in the mucous membrane of the mouth or pharynx ; this

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cholesterin, neutral fats, soaps, lecithin, traces of a dias-

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pregnancy, the lower extremities became sUghtly edema-

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afford examples, there is distinct ataxia. Severe pains not unfre-

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bronchitis, point out the occasional constrictions and obstructions in the

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resistance to infection. If exposed, practically every

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prior inflammation, then inflammation is apt to be renewed in

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some light thrown upon that in the discussion. His own view was that

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d'eau. Province nifd., Lyon, 1887, ii, 117-119. — Ruiz

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living, a small circle of wire is placed in the external auditory

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If he had heard Dr. Jackson's public discourses, as w-e have had the

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But the most important question for us to consider,

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with colotoiiiy, which certainly gave better statistics. Mr. I'itt"