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tines, liver, bile-ducts, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, ureter, bladder, and peritoneum.
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anaesthesia (cocaine) from a male aged 70, who was very emaciated.
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no treatment is so good as the tonic or quinine treat-
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These polypi were carefully described by Beattie in 1906.
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attention of the faculty. The men he meets in the profession
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fever? Mass. M. J., Bost., 1895, sv, 241-248.— Oraves
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not make any notes at tlie time, his recollection was that the case presented
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to the endothelial cells of the bloodvessels ; the presence
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in their researches after truth, and have enriched the science
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fection of medical science during a progression of four thousand years,
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Bast of Scotland Overseas Medical Club is open to medical men
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consists in regulating the bowels, subduing irritation,
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purple. It could not be methylene violet, since methylene violet
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at the basis, and lost somewhat of its intensity as the instru-
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tuberculosis. She had pneumonia 8 years ago, and has an
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fibrosarcoma, and medullary sarcoma have been described. The age
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as belonging to the clinical history of these affections. In co
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by moderate compression, indicating the passage between the second
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genital origin. The lesion was upon the lips in 51 per cent.
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way at the different final hydrogen ion concentrations reached by
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also general tonics, such as cod-liver oil, e.xercise
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was supposed that her death had been caused by attempts made to produce cri-
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siderably collapsed, the abdominal surface was flattened, and the