between third and fifth ribs on left side. Heat and cold — lost
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too higiily. Since it is not always possible to make a sure diagnosis until
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form of syphilitic lesion to the numerous ones already described.
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bringing them together with sutures, and retaining them in ap-
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and salt ; next put on the cover of the saucepan, and if it does
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off from within outward and lying upon the part from which
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free use of water internally as a means of reducing tem-
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of etherization. Sir James Paget, writing in 1875, says, "For the last two
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cepted the resignation, but refused to make the appoint-
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alone. It is one remedy that stands out as a pure specific, and
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provinee of Ontario, iinder charter issued by the Ontario gov-
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right thumb swollen and painful. Elbow same as previous day.
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male organ in coition, and the facility of auto-inoculation
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Editors and Publishers Southern California Practitioner,
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ment. This has been already done — and well done — ^in France
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in such cases a cocaine sempule should be introduced a quarter
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Case II (Service of Dr. Mittendorf). — -J. R., male, aged eight.
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the ergot of rye ; this soon restored the pains, and the head
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actually does take place. He adds that, in doses of from
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the bleeding point, and blocked up the aperture^m the ves^sel
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usually employed for this condition and who cares to try the
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pulse was still infrequent, biTt regular, and about 24 in
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anaesthesia. If there is a return of pain and rigidity, or a marked
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of delusions which excite terror, is occasionally observed. Coma and
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oil. Injections of gruel or oil with a teaspoonful of Laudanum
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and epilepsies more or less dependent upon a toxic condi-
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broken, she lost flesh, and licr strength declined. Mr. Hulkc,
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from tetanus caused by an injury to a finger some time before. Amputation j
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analogous differences in regard to susceptibility to alcoholic
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is, nevertheless, strongly inclined to give great promi-
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majority of cases, to overcome these chronic enlargements. Such were the
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pursue the metallic conductor it it were the best. The non-
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(1) Mucous or Soft Polypi. — These are small vascular tumours with
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the level of the fourth dorsal to that of the fourth