the sixth edition the British Pharmacopoeia be more carefully

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Company, the manufacturers of that reliable dietetic preparation, Imperial Gra-

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upward so as to be put within reach of the higher sensibility we

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important practical question. They may serve to prevent the student

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mentions muscular pains among the physiological effects].

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If the diagnosis of hemorrhage during labor is suspected, lumbar puncture

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his method in a medical journal and all practitioners are at libertv to

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on the forehead. There was at the time a flat tumor extending nearly

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irythemes pneumoniques chez Venfant, Th. de Paris, 1896. — 47. Renaed. Sur les ■

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the fall of 1886, whenever lie smoked or chewed tobacco, his

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result of the hasmorrhage; the bleeding usually ceases, the typhus

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Moule has received £500 from the Government of India as a

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marked biologic differences among the various kinds of

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and one the equivalent of a summer session. Two of the

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social customs ? The truth is that it is quite impossible for us to

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by which they have elevated the profession, and inspired confidence and

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During the examination of the scholars we found three cases of per-

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alone observed such a case, and in the recent past. An eight-\-ear-old

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Eosenberg (Berlin) discusses the local application of

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nective tissue. In the pancreas, there was enormous prolif-

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in the absence of joint pains. Spinal rheumatism ends in recovery.

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George Cheyne Shattuck, A.M.^On the Nerves of the Thorax and M^

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stricture, and then, using your finger as a director, di-

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current ; it need only be such as would freely move the ope-

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palate usually commences to be inflamed, the uvula swells, and after

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likewise wholly inapplicable to the general profession,

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nervous function {e.g., facial paralysis) supervenes. In the latter

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tion originally proposed at two hospitals, but strenu-

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matter of diet is not of much importance. The dyspep-

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diseases and vitiates the deductions and generalizations based

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The Section for Clinical Medicine, Pathology and Hygiene will

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upon the statistics and their indications, that we shall

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necroses were likewise negative. In no condition did we find leu-

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humidity, might be applied to air capable of taking up 0.426 gram or

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extending from the temporal ridge on the left parietal bone at