the conscientious physician, anxious to learn for the benefit of his

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" (6.) That in the majority of cases, as shown especially by

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and tissues has caused a wide variation in nomenclature for cells,

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through deliquescence or rupture of the sporangial wall. Conidia may be

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ity in croup with serum treatment was forty-nine per cent. ;

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favored physicians of the homeopathic school, have resigned in a

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and effects upon carbohydrates. All the cultures which corre-

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the lateral ulnar ligament, and the anterior ligament of the wrist (Fig.

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nephritis. One of my patients was cured by specific treatment after an

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" In the fiftieth volume of the ' Medico-Chirurgical Transactions,'

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nerves may be nerves of motion, if they are distributed to muscles ;

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Through the lay press we are credibly informed that Dr.

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on premature delivery. These little bags are, I believe,

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easily overdistended and do not contract well after the dis-

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of the ampulla of Henle was shut off from that of the vesicle

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could not be a systolic murmur, as Dr. Barclay, Dr.

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of-Paris. Wounds of the foot, even of the sole, do not

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(F. G.) Apparent cure of idiopathic epilepsy by the wear-

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4. No proof can be furnished that the parturient woman enjoys a

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complied with. So far as external ornamentation is con-

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penetrate in various directions among and between the surround-

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The attractions to the general meetings are the ad-

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the oil is carefully extracted — a proceeding which adds greatly

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Precipitates almost always form in time in triacid solution, and if any of the

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biting its special symptoms, tendencies, history, and results . . 480 — 485

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alone observed such a case, and in the recent past. An eight-\-ear-old

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Dr. Campbell — I do not think Dr. Macdonald* had any intention of leaving out Dr.

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scopically two distinct appearances were found: Part of the growth